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Research Chemicals

We do sell at cheap prices and shipping is done expressly overnight in USA and Canada upon discrete packaging.We also have very good wholesale prices and regularly ship all over Europe and Australia, as we carry a wide range of scientific research chemicals which are labelled not for human consumption. We provide a free catalog which contains relevant information concerning the over 100 products we sell, everyone is free to try our magnificent products like a-pvp, jwh-018, mdpv etc. Please check our Research Chemicals page for more information. 

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Herbal Incense

We have the most diverse collections of herbal incense on our website; you’re going to love interesting scents from the most popular herbal smoke. We have all of the most popular incense! Like WTF by Mr Nice Guy Incense, Caution Incense, Bizarro Incense, Mad Hatter Incense, Orgazmo Incense, and many more! Here we believe in fast shipment, friendly customer service, and securely providing high quality herbal incense online to our customers. We also strive to stay up to date on current events and market news, so we can be leaders in product knowledge. By being in the know about legislation and policy we are able to help our online botanical community with awareness. We do this so we can always carry the most potent and legal Herbal Incense available.

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JWH-018 K2 Paper


K2, Spice and Spice Product are all names for a type of synthetic cannabis that consists of natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals. This designer drug is said to mimic the effects of cannabis. The test detects 50ng/ml with a 48-72hr window after use and high accuracy (over 99%) with results in 5 minutes.

  • Easy handling and simple to read results in less than 5 minutes

  • Up to 99% accuracy – results in 5 minutes

  • Clinical grade urine drug test suitable for professional & home use

  • 99% accordance with the GC/MD reference method

  • Shelf life of up to 18 months before use

  • Manufactured according to strict standards – CE Marked

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