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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

International Shipping​

Customers can buy from us no matter where they are in the world as Legal Highs ships internationally. Over the years we count many satisfied customers that have received our products.

Depending in which country the recipient resides, the shipping could take between 3 and 14 days. Of course, even the most experience couriers can see delays happen as items can sometimes take a while to pass through customs.
Aside from the typical types of delays which can happen, albeit rarely, there is another potential issue regarding certain restrictions on shipments of electronic cigarette products. While we ship goods that are entirely legal in our country of origin, it is up to the consumer to ascertain if the items are also permitted in their country. Any seizure of the shipment by customs or other authorities in the destination country is not something we can be held responsible for.

Refunds for shipments that did not arrive due to them being held or destroyed by customs will not be honored. If this is the reason the purchase did not arrive, be advised that it is up to the recipient to take this matter up directly with customs or any other authority that withheld the shipment. If possible, we recommend requesting the package back to the sender. Once we receive the package, we will contact the recipient with information regarding a refund, less the shipping and any other fees incurred by use to have the package returned.
Avoid delays or seizures by becoming familiar with the local laws regarding the importation of electronic cigarette and herbal products.

Customs duties or taxes should be paid by the recipient as we are not responsible.

Payment Options

We accept Bitcoin,Cashapp,Western Union, Money Gram, Gift Card, Zelle pay and Google pay as payment options at this time.

During the checkout process, it is possible to choose from any of these payment options. As soon as we receive a payment confirmation, we will begin the shipping process.

To prevent any fraudulent purchases, we request that a screenshot of the payment be made showing the order details. The shipment request will be released as soon as we verify the authenticity of the details of the purchase utilizing the screenshot provided.

*It’s required only for the first order with us. Any subsequent orders will be processed without providing the screenshot.


When Will the Order Ship and Are There Shipping Fees?

The shipping process begins as soon as there is confirmation of receipt of payment. How long this takes varies.

How much the shipping will cost will depend on the type of shipping requested. These fees are calculated automatically during the checkout process and will be added to the total which can be


Return Policy

Our current return policy can be found in the Terms and Conditions section.


How Can I Know When My order Ships?

The order status can be checked at any time when with a tracking number that shall be given to you

Can I Change the Order Quantity?

Orders can be modified and the number of items changed by clicking the shopping card then and Change Quantities

What Can I Do If My Order Never Arrived?

First, check the order status to verify that the order has shipped. If it has sent, use the tracking number to see what the shipping status is. To see if there was a problem with the shipment, contact the courier. For any other issues, please contact our customer service center.


What Can I Do If My Order Is Missing Items?

Check to make sure the items were not shipped separately, if the status shows it was sent and delivered, then the next step is to contact the courier. If the problem is not resolved, please contact our customer service department.


Back Order Shipments

Any orders that were not currently available at the time of purchase are back ordered and will ship as soon as they become available.

Are Wholesale Orders Available?

If a bulk order is requested, contact our customer service department to find out how to make a wire transfer.


Shipping Cost of Bulk Orders

How much the shipping will cost will be calculated during the checkout process. The order will ship as soon as we receive confirmation from our bank that they have received the funds.

N.B. - International orders are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

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